Sunday, May 27, 2007

We Made It

We went down to the wire but we made our flight. (Sorry I am so last in posting this, the internet charge was 20 € for 24 hours so I had to wait. More on that later). It was a full plane, and then some, had us out of Philly a bit late but still arrived on time, 8:30 am (2:30 am EST). The flight was not too bad for seven hours in a coach seat racing thru time zones. Had some undue stress waiting for the bags but they were the last off. Do not understand last on last off?

After giving the currency exchange $141 we got back 100 €. Last time I was in Italy, seven years ago, you got 118 € for $100. Well what are you going to do? Making our way out of the airport we watched people getting caught in the auto revolving doors which held things up for a while. We made our way to the cab stand, which had a line of 30 or more people, but we got our cab and we were off to the Hotel. As we travel down the highway in a thrill ride we passed a cemetery that was cut into the hill side. It was one large mausoleum (did not have the camera out). As we came by the port we saw the Disney Magic and I felt like we were home. The ship arrived just before midnight. Our Hotel, the Hotel Arts is perhaps three miles away and was in site from that distance.

As the cab driver pulls up to the Hotel Arts we are swarmed by an army of Hotel personnel welcoming us, taking our bags and escorting us up one floor to the lobby. At check in we are greeted by a lovely young lady whom asked if we wanted anything to drink. We needed some water and she ran off and got us each a glass of lemon water and served it to us on her little tray. While I waited in line she proceeded to give Carol a map of Barcelona highlighting Museums and Shopping. I can just imagine what the shopping was like. All we wanted to do is lay down in a bed.

After a short wait in the lobby the young lady who checked us in gave us our keys and were we sent to our room. As we approach our room we are greeted by the bellhop who wanted to know where he should put the bags and showed us everything about the room. The service bar is filled with all sorts on goodies but no where are any prices. It is one of those things “if you have to ask how much you can’t afford it.” You have a good idea when the continental breakfast room service is 29 € or $41. Well anyway they gave us a beautiful room on the 28th floor with a view of the city and the marina. They call this the Olympic Village area so it must have been updated when the summer Olympics were held in Barcelona in 1992. As the door closes with the Bellhop behind it we hit the bed and take a nap or what ever you want to call it.

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