Sunday, May 27, 2007

Day 0 - Up and Around in Barcelona

When we planed this trip some 13 months ago you have some big ideas. One being get to Barcelona a day early and site see. Although I rested fairly well on the plane, and felt good when we got off the plane, I started to crash when we got to the room. If I was pushed I could have kept going but we rested in our room, got cleaned up and made our first trip out at about 4:00 pm. The weather was better than forecasted but it was overcast and the breeze off the water gave a slight chill if you were in the shade with short sleeves. It is interesting that weather predication accuracy is the same all over the world. We sat at the beach and watched a two man game that was a blend of volleyball and soccer. The playing area looks the same but the net is a bit lower as I could compare next the volleyball game next to this game. Although never seeing this before these guys looked pretty good.

The area is full of very nice restaurants facing the sea or the marina. We found some we liked and planned on going back to the room, change and then have a nice dinner at the sea; however, we were hungry and sat down an each had a pizza and a small pitcher of sangria. This is the ideal place in the middle of summer when it is hot and the sea breeze it refreshing as you drink your cool sangria. Although the dinner plan was still in place when we headed back to the room I was worried my date was going to lose interest. We decided not to attend the DIS meet at the fountain since it was further away that I thought and the meet time was in the time transition zone between changing and dinner.

There is a small Casino next to the Hotel that we made a pass through. I did not know there was gambling in Barcelona. My observation was that it does not matter where the Casino is in the world the people who should not be there are. By this time it is getting cooler so we head to the room to implement the dinner plan. When we get to the room we find a complimentary, I hope, bottle of champagne and some chocolate covered strawberries. There went the dinner plans I am sorry to say. It takes us a day to get the lay of the land and now I wish we had another day at the Hotel Arts, but tomorrow we are on the ship.

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