Sunday, May 27, 2007

Day 1 – Setting Sail

We booked our reservation for the Hotel Arts so far in advance we forgot we had a Romantic Package that included either breakfast in our room or the buffet. We decided on the buffet. The outdoor terrace was full so we had to eat inside but it was a beautiful place so it didn’t matter. The buffet was very good as well.

After we ate, we got a cab to the port which dropped us off right in front of the terminal (Port of Barcelona - Terminal C). We checked our bags with the porter, verified ourselves with the authorities, went through the customary metal detector and went to the Castaway Club check-in. I think 75% of the passengers are repeaters. I was told by one of the 14 day continuation passengers that 1,100 of the 1,900 were continuing. After I thought about it that does not sound right. I must have misunderstood, however that may explain why there were not as many people at the terminal as I thought would be there. I heard another number of 330, which sounds better.

We waited for a little while, no more that 30 minutes, and we were on board the ship. There is a small duty free shop you can purchase some wine and small pint size bottles of liquor but I do not think it is much of a deal. Bought a couple of relatively inexpensive bottles of wine to get us through a day at sea, assuming we can pick something up at the other ports.

I would have to say the boarding process was smooth with the exception of the on-line registration process which is what I used. Apparently there are three documents to print and sign that are to be brought with you. A Disney representative stated that it is not clear on the web site and apologized. Others had similar issues however they were resolved quickly. The ship is boarded at Deck 1 and you are directed up the elevator to Deck 9 where each family’s arrival is announced as you exit to the deck area. We took the stairs and went directly to the Quiet Cove pool. It was a beautiful sunny day so we took advantage of it. It is ironic that it is called Quiet Cove pool since the arrival announcements were broadcast over the area speakers all afternoon. They also broadcasted the video on the main screen at the family pool. This greatly affected nap time at Quiet Cove! Maybe that is why we were the only ones there for the first few hours. Later in the afternoon people arrived and the pool came to life.

Most of us enjoyed the pool so much that we were a little late for the boat drill. We knew we were late when we saw the drill monitors with the lift jackets on at the pool. Time to go! As we hurried to our room we noticed we were the only ones with our bags still in the hallway. Oh well what’s the rush we have 11 days.

After the drill we unpacked and went to the show. Our cruise director Rachel started the show and introduced the first act the standard “All Aboard! Adventures Away” departure show. The second act was a local dance group Bianchini Producciones Dancers, and then Michael Harrison the ventriloquist. As usual he gave a great performance. The audience participant, a young boy 9 years old almost stole the show. Michael will perform in a few more days and we look forward to seeing him again.

Our first dining night was in Parrot Cay. The menu, “Let the Magic Begin”, was served in all three dining rooms. We had lamb and a lobster dish and both were very good. Dinner was slow which caused us to miss the sail away party. We then stopped in Rockin’ Bar D and listened to a few sets by High Frequency. They were very good. We have not seen them in a while and forgot how good the lead vocalist is. Still have not been able to totally adjust to the time change and that is why I am up writing this and having a glass of wine. Maybe we did nap at the pool!!!!


Taysmom said...

Sounds like fun so far. I can't wait to be there. 6/16 seems so far away. Please post as much detail about your excursions as possible. AND..Have a great time!

dclvm said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog, sounds like you are having a nice time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the postings. I'm going on the cruise in July and I'm finding your blog very interesting.