Sunday, May 27, 2007

Day 2 – Day at Sea (Updated)

Day two began with the struggle of getting up, but I jumped up at 8:00 am to get coffee on Deck 9 and returned to the cabin to give Carol a coffee injection and we were on our way. Made our way to Lumiere’s for breakfast and then on to the pool. The first part of the day the weather was overcast with some breaks of sun. As the day went it was all clouds and it got cooler and then started to rain. Carol read her book while I proceed to do a food sampling on Deck 9. When it appeared the sun had disappeared for the day, and feeling guilty for eating so much, I went to go workout. When I arrive at the Spa workout area I found other who had the same idea, but since Disney has enlarged the room there was no problem getting a treadmill. There was a line waiting for the orbital’s (I think that is what you call them). After 40 minutes I burned off on desert from the night before. Left the workout room sat in the Quite Cove hot tub until my skin started to shrivel up. Shortly after that I had another taco.

We skipped the Golden Mickeys and took a short power nap. I always feel guilty when I miss a show even when I have seen it many times. I feel it offends Mickey. Tonight was formal night and we were at Lumieres. Before dinner we had the Captain’s Welcoming Reception. I spent a good time talking with the Chief Engineer regarding his staff and there responsibilities. I hinted that I would enjoy seeing the power systems but he did not bite on it.

The last seating has a high percentage of adults which most were in formalwear tonight. We had on Scotchman who wore his kilt; I think that is what you call it. This was a nice change from what I have been experiencing on the past cruises. There has been some mix-up in seating and we have our own table. We were asked if we wanted to join an eight top but we respectful refused. Not that we are unsociable but it is nice having you own table. It is almost like eating at Palo ever night. Well almost.
Michael Harrison, the comedian/ventriloquist had a late show at Rockin’ Bar D that had to run an hour. We had to stand because we got out of dinner late again. I do not mind having a nice relaxing dinner and not being rushed but you can not make it to the late shows. Michael gave his usual performance but it is still entertaining even thought I have seen that act. After some standup he did the talking tennis ball performance. Of course there is the man from the audience that is used through, but is it well done and Dave was a good sport and worked with Michael. Dave deserves some credit but it will not be on his bill.

After the performance it is back to our cabin with a few deserts in case we get hungry during the night. Tomorrow we make our first stop, Palermo, Italy (Sicily) we have to leave on our tour at 7:30 am.


PURTYPAT1 said...

I am enjoying your blog. I am going to post it to my MedHead June 16th cruisers to read.

Thanks for the reports & photos.

Enjoy your tour tomorrow.


MJGirl said...

Having fun watching your blog! Looking forward to the lucky 7/7/7 cruise!

scottishwee35 said...


woo hoo Scotman wore a kilt as we are from Scotland and will be on Cruise on 18th July. My son and my husband will wearing the kilts!!

I hope weather get better and enjoy the Palmero.


ThreeCircles said...

Great trip report. Sounds like you are off to a great start.

Britannia said...

You write very well.