Thursday, May 24, 2007

Waiting at the Airport

Well were on our way. Sitting at the airport waiting for our flight to Philly were we catch our Barcelona leg. We have four bags and three carryon bags, not bad for two weeks. Arrival time is 8:20 am Barcelona time and about the same time the Magic is due to arrive in port. Weather forecast is drizzly!!! It is close to record highs as we depart.

As we get to our gate we fined our flight to be delayed! This is typical for my vacation travel and is why I booked a flight with a 4 hour layover in Philly, however; the airline changed my flight to a later flight. When I complained they said “no problem making your connection” So here we wait. Still being told no problem making your connectionJustify Full
May not get to Barcelona tomorrow.

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Cyn said...

Thanks for sharing your trip via your blog. We're going in mid-July so I'm anxious to read about not only the adventures but also the logistics of getting over to Barcelona, getting to the port, on the ship, etc. etc. etc.

enjoy your trip!