Saturday, June 16, 2007

Day 8 – June 2, 2007 – La Spezia, Italy

Well today was our worst day of the trip. We arrived into port around 7:00 am. The weather was partly sunny and the temperature must have been in the high 50’s to low 60’s. After breakfast in Parrots Cay we made our way to our shore excursion meeting location. The excursion is “Portofino & Santa Margherita”. This was the first port where we had to tender into port. I do not know if that was the problem but we waited 45 minutes before we made our way to Deck 1. We boarded the tender boat and we were on our way. The ride was about 15 minutes to the dock.

We meet our tour guide and boarded the motor coach. The ride to Santa Margarita was a little over and hour and was on the highway and not very scenic. The only view was when we got off the highway near Santa Margarita.

We got off the bus and boarded another boat and off for a 20 minute ride to Portofino. By now the clouds thicken and there was no sun. In Portofino we had a walking tour that was informative however whole we were up on the top of the hill it started raining and it did not stop until we were about an hour from leaving. Lunch was advertised as being pizza. The restaurant packed us in one room and the pizza must have been set out an hour before we arrived. The two bus loads of cruiser were not happy. There were many complaints back at the ship and I am sure Disney will make changes, but it is my advice to stay away from this excursion. There is not enough time in Portofino and if the weather is bad it ruins the excursion. To make matters worse when we arrived at the dock to get our tender boat we were told the weather was too bad for the boats and we had to wait on the bus. We waited less than 30 minuets and were able to board the tender boats and make our way to the ship. It was a tough day.

Tonight was the talent show. This is where the Disney Cast Members show of their talents. This has only been done on the Panama Canal crossing and was done on the 14 day crossing. Much to my surprise this was a good show and some of the talent was excellent. The young man for the Philippines was in my opinion the best. Joey and Kim of “Dancing with the Stars” were on the cruise and performed in the talent show.

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