Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Day 11 – June 5, 2007 Day at Sea

This is our last day of this memorable cruise. The plan is to spend the day at the pool. As usual I make my way to Deck 9 and get our coffee. We have to have our bags packed and out for pickup by 10:00 pm so we start getting read for that as we wait for the sun to break through the clouds. Carol marks our spot at the pool and we continue getting the cabin organized for departure. We skip breakfast at our favorite restaurant and get some fruit at Goofey’s Galley. It was a good thing we skipped the standard breakfast because it was the outdoor barbeque at the main pool. This is another newbie that was very enjoyable. In addition to the barbeque, they have a sea food buffet in Top Sider. I made stops at both.

We enjoyed a full day at the pool. The only real complaint of the cruise was the lack of control of smoking on Deck 9. I think Disney is trying to not turnoff the Europeans that were on board. There was a group of Italians on board that pushed the boarders of the smoking area. During the trip they just keep moving closer from the smoking area at Quite Cove to the pool area until the last day everyone was smoking while sitting at the side of the pool as both staff and officers walked buy. I made a comment to one of the pool side waiters that they need to control the boundary but he was more interested in explaining where the smoking areas were. During Pirates night they had tables pushed together at the family pool deck chain smoking and the staff said nothing. At one point there was one lady smoking at the family pool. Grant it that it was 7:00 pm and not many were left at the pool but this type of bending of the rules just fosters more of the same. I have to admit that I despise smoking and less tolerant that most because I have personnel family experience with the killer cancer it results in but just set the rules and enforcement them. Most decent people abide by the rules and do not need to be told.

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